Paleo Soup Mouth – Update

Now 10 days into my Paleo soup month I wanted to share an update of how things are going. I hope, if you’re thinking about joining me this will help you decide because the update is all good!! I’ve been making 1 large batch of soup at the weekend, and 1 mid week which has been an ample amount to serve me, and my partner daily. He’s missed one day because he forgot his thermos full but happy enjoyed it when he got home, I was amazed it was still hot! I’ve so far experimented with vegetable soup (left overs), chicken soup (vegetable soup leftovers plus chicken 🙂 ), plus:

Butternut squash and roasted red pepper soup:

paleo soup month

Mushroom soup, made creamy by adding coconut cream:

paleo soup month

So variety wise, I can give myself a big tick!

The recent discovery of this Paleo bread loaf from Paleo with Mrs P meant I could do something I haven’t done in a long time… dunk ‘bread’ in soup… yum! If you’re interested check out her delicious recipe, I’ve given a link above. 

Paleo bread

Now on to satiety, I was feeling a bit hungry after lunch on the initial couple of days but that soon calmed down. Adding chicken to a few of the soups actually really helped, the protein hit helped my energy levels and generally I felt fuller. Also the Paleo bread helped the small hunger pangs, so really… so far soup alone hasn’t been filling me up enough. 

Whilst on the subject of energy levels, they have been pretty solid in the afternoon, instead of having an afternoon lull I’ve been more focused, even into the evening. 

Spend, I wanted to do a little experiment on how much I’m spending, well I can tell you that I’ve spent around £50 at my local greengrocer for soup ingredients and that’s lasted the these past 10 days! That’s for 2 people by the way! Already I’m making a saving, what a great feeling. 

If you haven’t thought about joining me – why not?

If you’re doing it with me then let me know so I don’t think I’m doing it alone!

That’s all for now, enjoy the rest of your Sunday readers…

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