8 magpies welcome 2014

8 Magpies, Welcome 2014!

I’ve been cooking non stop for what feels like forever, and over the recent years have been lucky enough to combine this passion with travelling to some amazing countries. This blog will be dedicated to food and travel! Enjoy.

Almost all of the time I’ve been able to cook with local ingredients and spend hours (literally) looking around the local supermarket, trying to translate labels to see what the mysterious packet is I’m holding. I don’t know if this is just me, but I love looking in supermarkets overseas. Food is a serious part of most cultures, sometimes more than people realise.

In Japan, when someone, anyone, enters a restaurant the entire staff shout Welcome! They are giving you an experience right off the bat. Something I could totally got used to, the smile, the welcome, the gesture of acceptance rather than the look of “I do not want to be here right now” that we have adopted in the West. 

I digress. 

Happy New Year – 8 magpies…

It’s the start of a brand new year – Welcome 2014! Today I saw 8 magpies whilst jogging. Anyone who knows me will know those 2 things are not usual. 1. Me jogging. 2. 8 magpies… The rhyme goes to 7, non? A little bit of googling and “i’ll be damned”, it goes to 10! 

One for sorrow 
Two for joy 
Three for a girl 
Four for a boy 
Five for silver 
Six for gold 
Seven for a secret, never to be told 
Eight for a wish 
Nine for a kiss 
Ten for a bird you must not miss

What does 2014 have in store?

I’m hoping to move this year, in fact it’s not a hope, it’s a wish. I wish to move. I’m getting restless. Perhaps that’s what the 8 eagle eyed magpies gathered to tell me. “You’ll get your wish Caroline.” OK, I’ll take that – thanks! 

Less resolutions, more tasks I feel this year, so here goes:

  • Share my recipes and love of food with people
  • Move house
  • Travel…. anywhere!
  • See one of my best friends get married (More her task list than mine :))
  • Throw away the chipped mug I am staring at… why do we feel that they are a favourite mug and keep them?
  • Play more Poker
  • Cook with Black Garlic

That’ll do, for now. 

8 magpies black garlic

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