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An Honest Rant about Dieting [why I’m no longer Paleo]

Often I post simple and [I hope] yummy recipes. Lately, I’ve been thinking about my journey into blogging and nutrition. Having started Inquisitive Foodie as a somewhat devout Paleo dieter, I focused a lot on Paleo only. This is genuinely something I quite regret. I was consumed by the Paleo diet and made it a huge part of my life. No doubt I annoyed friends and family by talking about it, even suggesting they try it.

After a while, Paleo became a label. I’d labelled myself. Something I don’t like about how we act in society, giving others a label, let alone labelling ourselves. Following a Paleo diet has it’s benefits for some, but in all honesty, it’s incredibly restrictive. At first, I wasn’t 100% strict but soon became so. Explaining the premise of it over and over again to people is also exhausting. It got to the point where it was easier to avoid eating out, or having friends and family cook for me. Simply put, this made me unhappy. I was unhappy that I’d put this pressure on myself to be, yes BE Paleo.

This was once a giant no no!

It’s a time of my life that I look back with fond memories, to begin with, then unfulfilling misery. The great thing I can take from all this is that it made me aware of processed foods. Something I hadn’t given huge thought. I could recognise too much salt, sugar in foods. Seasonal eating means my diet varies, that’s a wonderful takeaway from learning about food. Eating in season foods mean they often travel fewer miles between the field and my plate.

I came to the realisation that there is more to healthy eating than picking one diet off the shelf. Something I’d encourage is awareness of the food we fuel ourselves with. Where has it come from? What’s in it? How was it made? How does it make you feel? How does it affect your mood?

Ironically I thought about this before seeing the below list. I wanted to share the ‘Best Diets Overall’ list, an interesting view provided by U.S. News.


Each diet has been evaluated with a range of desired effects in mind. Weight loss, diabetes, balance and more. They state “To be top-rated, a diet had to be relatively easy to follow, nutritious, safe, effective for weight loss and protective against diabetes and heart disease.” It’s a great overall list. Be careful not to pick one and it rule your life! 🙂

However you choose to improve your health, it ought to be how your body dictates. Not a generic list of Yes/No foods. Food is medicine. Paleo is not the answer.

Listen to your body, it will tell you if you’re eating the wrong foods. You’ll gain weight, or your skin will break out. You may become super tired after something specific. You may suffer poor sleep. Listen, become aware by arming yourself with facts and act for yourself.

Where I am now…

Cleaning the oven, apparently…

Today I focus on seasonal, fresh, organic foods. I’m gluten free through choice and apparently it does affect me [according to an allergy test]. But that’s the only thing I don’t eat.

Dining bliss… when there’s art on the plate!


Everything is in moderation, depending on how I feel at the time it’s presented to me. 

What’s next for InquisitiveFoodie?

Hopefully, you’ll stick around for the recipes… and a few experiences!


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