celia lager inquisitivefoodie review

CELIA Lager Review: Gluten Free and Fabulous!

Summer is here, it’s official! With some comes the craving for leisurely pace of life and opportunities to catch up with friends in the beer garden! Being Paleo, beer is pretty much off the menu. However I don’t know about you but on a sunny afternoon I don’t want a glass of red wine (something the Paleo community enjoys as it’s limited alcohol vice). So what do you do when it’s near impossible to find a Paleo approved beer here in the UK? The best thing for anyone who’s not 100% strict is a gluten free beer so if you’re OK with a tiny amount of barley in your diet then you should try CELIA Lager

celia lager inquisitivefoodie review

I was lucky enough to be invited to one of their launch events in London this past week so sample their products. CELIA brew for Celiacs but also for a generally healthy alternative to some mass market beers out there. Their 2 key offerings are; CELIA Organic Lager and CELIA Dark – both a hit!!

What’s so great about CELIA lager?

Brewed using traditional methods and absolute care in Czech Republic, it’s just like a regular Pilsner Lager. It’s lovely crisp taste really quenches a thirst for a refreshing tipple. Both CELIA Organic Lager and CELIA Dark don’t leave you bloated or sluggish, their equally hand crafted and made with high quality ingredients including locally Czech sourced Saaz Hops

celia lager inquisitivefoodie review

CELIA Organic is flavourful and crisp, it’s uber refreshing and very easy to drink. What I particularly love about it is because it’s naturally carbonated, it doesn’t give that eurgh gassy feeling that carbonated drinks can give you. It’s 4.5%.

CELIA Dark is slightly higher at 5.7%, it’s a smooth with a caramel taste. It’s a much deeper yet still refreshing flavours reminded me of the days of drinking Guinness in Dublin! This one was a real hit with my better half, he had a couple!


  • One of my favourite BBQ joints in London – Bodean’s, book not to avoid disappointment then pig out on Paleo friendly bbq, salads, sweet potato and enjoy a CELIA!
  • Smiths of Smithfield, who hosted the tasting are stocking bottles and for a limited time it’s also on tap!
  • As of posting, Ocado have 1/3 off!! Go get some here!
  • Whole Foods Market also stock both varieties. Here’s a store list
  • Oddbins also are stocking the range. 
  • Booths stock the light lager, here’s where to find them.

Want to know more?

Of course you do… You can find out more about CELIA by visiting www.celialager.co.uk or ping them via twitter @CELIAlager. 

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