What can I do for you this year?

Up until now I’ve focussed on Paleo through and through on InquisitiveFoodie.com. And I’ve received lots of comments and emails of support for which meant so much to me and I’m so grateful for (so thank you!).

What can I do for you this year?

I learnt a lot in 2015. Not just about food and nutrition but about life; it’s been a tough year for me and some of the dearest people around me, it’s safe to say stress levels have been much higher than I would have liked.

A healthy diet, as we all know, facilitates energy and vitality, but one of the key things I’ve learned recently is how the gut is almost a second brain which can have a huge effect on your mental state. When not looked after can cause regular ‘mind fog’, stress and anxiety.

What I’ve realised is that food isn’t only something to enjoy cooking and eating, but can actually help you cope when you’ve got the burden of life’s struggles on your shoulders. To cook allows me to think, sure I’m aware of what I’m doing but I’m also thinking through the day ahead when preparing breakfast and the day that’s past when serving supper.
Of course there’s other things too, such as the debate about whether certain foods can help with mental health, skin problems, joint pains, all sorts of ailments we all get from time to time.

Anyway my point is, for 2016 I’ll continue to post recipes and journals but I would like to also put a focus on helping solve problems through food, and taking note of not just what I eat, but how it makes me feel, what results I see from energy levels through to how my skin, hair and nails are looking. Let’s call these health hacks!


I need your help!

I’ve got a ton of ideas for health hacks, blog posts and maybe videos that I think would be useful for how I’ve found healthy eating, cooking, mediation could be useful for others to know about. I would love to create them all but I only have 2 hands and there’s (only) 24h in the day!

So what would you most like help with? I’d love to help with some suggestions. Perhaps:

  • What foods help with ailments? Such as skin issues, lack of energy, mind fog etc
  • How to manage anxiety through cooking and food.
  • Where to eat?
  • Preparing a stress free dinner party.
  • How to get the most from your local butcher.
  • Others?

On top of that I’m also considering adding new sections to the site:

  • Best of British – your favourite British meals with an IF twist! 
  • Pure Paleo indulgence – recipes for puds, rich meals, opulent snack, anything you’d love to spoil yourself with the assurance it’s Paleo friendly.

The only other thing that would really help me out is the format you want to see these in. I’m very new to video, but might be willing to try if enough people request it!

Anyway, that’s it for now! Thanks in advance for all of your help. Drop me a line of comment below to have your say! 

Wishing you all the very best for 2016!


  1. This is a very exciting post! For me personally I would to know more about what foods to avoid or to include in my diet to help my skin. I would also love to find out more about what to avoid to improve ‘mind fog’ – which I find I suffer from on and off – just need to pin point the culprit(s)!

    Love your blog and use it when meal planning every week – introducing quick videos would be great!

    Thanks IF x


    1. Thanks Lucy. I’ll get to work on some ideas and suggestions. I’m very grateful you like this site 🙂


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