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Paleo Snack REVIEW: Ugg Foods Chocolate Chia Muffins

I’ve found the Holy Grail of Paleo treats! Not something I would eat daily as a snack but these are one hell of a healthy treat for anyone with a sweet tooth!

This morning I woke up wanting something different – for the first time since going Paleo I was graving something sinful… Luckily the team at Ugg Foods had sent me something to feed my craving – Ugg Foods Chocolate Chia Muffins! Thank you Ugg Foods they really did fill a gap. 

paleo snack

When I first saw Ugg Foods I thought, wow, these guys are passionate about making Paleo accessible and easy to enjoy – their mantra being “Guilt-Free Natural Treats” talks to everyone who has a sweet tooth but has one eye on healthy living. Who know’s how many people they have helped explore and understand what Paleo is, with these beauties I’m sure it’s a large and ever growing amount. 

What are Ugg Foods packs?

Unlike most Paleo snacks or treats that are available in shops or online, you need to help create them – which is part of the fun! Not only are you eating something incredibly good for you but you’re working up a sweat to earn them. Win win!

Paleo will always focus on providing highly nutritious food, it’s a given that comes with living a Paleo lifestyle. Take 1 of these muffins – at around 50g, you’ll receive: 

6g of Protein, 16g of Carbohydrates, 8g of good healthy Fat, 5g of Fibre 110mg of Sodium and even some Omega-3!

The packet is all the dry stuff you need – almond meal, coconut flour, baking powder etc all in just the right quantities. You’ll just need to add eggs, oil, almond milk and vanilla essence. I decided to add a Madagascan vanilla pod instead.

All you need to get baking…

A bowl, a spoon, the packet and your added wet stuff. Got those? Ok, we can begin.

Step 1: Place all ingredients in a bowl. 

Step 2: Mix, then leave for a few minutes so the mixture thickens. 

review ugg foods chocolate chia muffins

Step 3: Pour into cake cups – Try not to lick the bowl or the spoon, in no time at all you’ll have muffins. 

review ugg foods chocolate chia muffins

Step 4: Bake – follow the instructions on the packet!

Step 5: Cool for as long as you can resist, then enjoy! 

review ugg foods chocolate chia muffins gathered

Step 6: Beware these Paleo snacks have primal instincts, some may try to escape…


The verdict?

Ugg Foods Chocolate Chia Muffins have a wonderfully dense texture and an rich chocolate intensity that makes you feel you’re eating something truly delicious. The size of each muffin was a perfect snack to keep hunger at bay. Created by purely Paleo ingredients Ugg Foods gives you the best of both delightful taste and high nutrition value. I’d make these again in a heart beat and firmly recommend anyone, Paleo or not, to give them a try.

They are so guilt free in fact one day I was dressed for the gym and ended up being pulled into some work so couldn’t go, I said aloud “sod it, I’m having an Ugg muffin!”. I felt no guilt at all, the old (pre-Paleo) me would have felt awful at swapping exercise for something like a muffin that would no doubt be full to the brim with sugar! These offer the perfect treat and alternative to processed, high sugar, gluttonous cakes available. 

I can’t wait to explore the different packets Ugg Foods have to offer!

Ugg Foods say it themselves – Making Paleo treats couldn’t be easier.

For more information you can find Ugg Foods online, call them and visit the created cavemen and woman in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

Check out their hilarious video:

Where to buy Ugg Foods packets

Order via Ugg Foods directly, over the phone or online here

paleo snack


    1. Hi Jen, Yes they really are as easy as described. It’s all dry so you just need to add the wet ingredients, mix and you’re ready to bake 🙂


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