paleo soup month

Paleo Soup Month!

Like most, I over spent in December, went to a fair few parties, and I over ate on Christmas day! With a new year now in full swing it’s typical to think about a cleanse, a detox or eating healthy again after a few naughty weeks, my downfall was the cheese on Christmas day! 

It’s likely that sounds quite boring, compared to what you could do this month, but I don’t want the caffeine headaches, I don’t really drink much and I consider myself Paleo 99% so the Whole30 wouldn’t really give me a push. So I’m doing Paleo Soup Month! 

Will you join me?

I’ll be adding some recipes as I go along, tell me what’s your favourite soup and I’ll happily make it Paleo for you! Here’s my guide to #soupmonth 🙂

Firstly, here’s why soup for a month:

  1. Energy balancing & Satiety
  2. Weight balancing
  3. More time
  4. Financial savings
  5. Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition

#1 gives me the opportunity to not feel like a stuffed and sluggish brute after lunch. I need energy to effectively work, carry on walking half my commute home and I really want to push more yoga time into my life. 

#2 gives me the chance to stay balanced with my weight, even lose a bit of the December spread! It’s a lean alternative to typical lunch options.

#3 means more time to do other things. I spend a little bit of time making a large batch of soup that lasts 3 or 4 lunches then it’s done. I take it with me in a thermos (which I love), so when I take a break I can read instead of queuing in a shop, or spending my lunch hour at a restaurant. Here’s Thermos Stainless King Food Flask – it even comes with a handy tucked away spoon!

paleo soup

#4 is something I am most excited about, I wonder how much I’ll save not spending on lunches. I would say on average people spend £10 on lunch, 5 days a week that’s £50, or say we work 22 days a month a whopping £220, and say a few of those days are expensive lunches, you could easily spend £300! I know I can spend less at my lovely local organic green grocer for much less. 

#5 gives me the opportunity to taken in huge amounts of nutrients! Fill up your fridge with fresh vegetables, preferably organic, and get started!

paleo soup month

The base!

Making things easy for yourself means you’re not spending hours at the stove, so here’s how you can save some time. 

Make a broth or stock that you can add to, this can be made in a large volume and in advance then sectioned off into smaller containers, even frozen. Here’s a simple and yummy vegetable stock recipe for you to bookmark. 

Adding to the base is easy, heat up enough stock to be around 1/3 of the soup itself, then add your yummy extras! 

3 essential tips

Don’t forget that left overs often make wonderful soups! Blitz them up, add some coconut milk or some stock if you have some available. 

Try not to make the same soup for everyday. I usually make one that will last 3 days max, that way I won’t get bored and head to the local chicken wing shack!

Firstly bookmark or tear out some soup recipes from your favourite online recipes sites or magazines. I often find recipes in the weekend papers and modify them to make them Paleo friendly.

paleo soup month
This will turn out to be “cream” of mushroom soup – with coconut milk instead of dairy cream. Yum!!


All I use is available from amazon or local supermarkets, essentially all you need is: 

  • Thermos Stainless King Food Flask
  • Hand blender – not absolutely needed but a great way to make soup smooth. The Braun MQ500 is lovely, powerful and splatter free. If you haven’t got one, check it out.
  • A big pot! Any large pot will work, if you haven’t got one or fancy something new take a closer look at this Stainless Steel Stock Pot with Lid, it’s an 11L capacity, nice and large to fill up with lovely goodness
  • Tupperwear for storage!
  • Stock, homemade or check out The Paleo Broth Company!


So, are you in?

It’s already a week into January so it’s not too late to join me! I’ve done 5 days so far and I’m thoroughly enjoying it! 

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